Art is something I’ve always enjoyed. In 1996 I graduated from Cal State university Long Beach with a B.S. degree in Industrial Design. After college I moved to Atlanta Georgia where I landed my first ID job at a company called Masterack. They were a company that manufactured Point of Purchase displays and I was hired to make 3D renderings of displays using 3D Studio Max. After Masterack I moved to San Jose to work for 3DO in Redwood City. I worked as an asset artist and helped develop 4 published games.  After 3DO closed its doors I moved back to Los Angeles to work for Pandemic Studios/ Electronic Arts. We had great times when I first started because we made 3 hit games called Star Wars Battlefront I and II. I started right when they were beginning production. I came in as an asset artist and created weapons and cockpits for the PS2, Xbox and PC Battlefront videogame. I had many duties such as making sure all the first person weapons and cockpits were complete and organized and placed in their correct libraries. I also made a good amount of weapons that carried over and were used in the sequel. Along with the weapons I also made target screens. In Battlefront II I played a big part which was shipping 8 space levels. Thanks to Joe, Wallace, and Givone, we were able to add meteors, stars, nebulas and more into the space missions. I also created the interiors of the hangers where all the fire fighting occurred. After BF II I moved over to the Saboteur team to help produce an open world videogame. This was definately a fun game to work on. There were great people on this team that I enjoyed working with for the past 3 years. After putting in long hours, the game finally hit the shelves. I worked on a hand full of the the main missions where I did World Building, lighting, and creating my own models such as a castle, a race, and a slaughterhouse.  After Electronic Arts I went to work for a small company developing Jaws Ultimate Predator for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS.  I was in charge of 4 levels from the beginning to the end.  I built and textured the environments and also created assets for the levels.  There were many challenges I faced while working on this project.  Some challenges include breaking up the levels into regions.  There was also a great deal of optimizing to handle memory constraints.  Videogame development is something I enjoy and hope to continue doing for a long time. Currently I’ve been working on graphic design and 3D rendering projects.  I’ve designed T-shirts, business cards, flyers, logos and much more.  2D artwork is also very challenging and helps keep my creative juices flowing. I’ve also done 3D freelance work for a number of customers. Most of the 3D work has been 3D renderings for presentations. Working with 3D is something that feels natural to me. I hope to stay in the creative industry for years to come. Thank you for spending the time to look over my work, Walter Cosico
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